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Aug 31, 2013 6:30pm EDT
.s. intervention in syria and the nsa data collection program. we'll hear from gordon adams at american university. about the latest developments in syria and the likelihood of u.s. military intervention. then a look at chemical and biological warfare including when and how they have been used with amy smithson. all that plus your calls and e- ,"ils on "washington journal here on c-span. several types of bullying that the left love to engage in. .ne is racial bullying their philosophy is based almost solely and completely at this point on the idea that they stand up or victimize groups. everything they do is to stand up on behalf of some minority -- blacks only gays, women, jews. what that means is we oppose the policies, by necessity the logic is we hate black, gays, women, jews. but the editor at large been shaken -- ben shapiro is our >> biographer kitty kelley on december 3. on january 5, mark litan. but tv's book club returns in september with our cleat of 'sich -- mark leibovitz "this town." >> we picture june cleaver with a vacuum cleaner, frying bacon for breakfast.
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1